They can talk you through what you have done so far and advise the best way forward for you based on what you tell them.Audrey, I hope the coming month is much more successful for you.I lost 14lbs in that month and I dropped three dress sizes, so it was worth it for me.I really enjoyed those four weeks so much I kept on the diet for three months and lost a total of 28 pounds.

I was tired of not feeling well and I was ashamed because I knew it was up to me to make smarter I choices.The vast majority of people who leave comments here are or have been more then happy with their diets and the support they got from NS.We have been looking into the NutriSystem diet recently, and specifically NutriSystem for men.

Nutrisystem is a massive company that offers convenient home delivery of prepackaged.I have already made up my mind and I am ordering NS tomorrow.I have had a bit of a gas issue, but asked for and received a list of food items that contain sugar alcohols (news to me, but can cause gas).Its a much better alternative to supermarket food and customers only need to buy 7 days of food at a time.The best way to review the particular meals that are on offer is to visit the official Nutrisystem website (you can click any one of the Nutrisystem image banners on this page to go there) and see for yourself.I never once set foot inside a gym, and I probably never will.The glutten sticks to the sides on the intestines and this causes thier bodies to not get the nutriants that thier bodies need.I thought it was pretty expensive but chose to take the risk for 2 months.Its always good to hear people are getting such amazing results with NS.

I thought there was no way I would be able to get used to them.Then when you beg to differ, they will say sorry, nothing we can do.

Its considered normal to drink soda or sports drinks, eat candy bars or potato chips and other snacks and peer pressure is difficult to avoid.I will probably try it anyway, but it would be nice to have some feedback from people with similar experiences because I had read that people have some digestive issues on this and with no gall bladder, I already have some digestive issues that I take medications for.But I think that being able to share with others who are trying desperately to lose weight is probably a major key to successful weight loss regardless of what plan you choose.And I read what the other folks had to say in here before I started to write this.If you supplement your meals with the portioned grocery list on the website, you will NEVER be hungry as I read many people say above.By the way I have no problem with the diet and do not find I am hungry as I eat at the right times for myself.I add broccoli or zucchini in with the soups to make them taste better.Easter will be at my house so, do I stay on the diet and not loose any weight(watching everyone eat all this good food)or eat sensibly.I have made several attempts but then when my husband comes home with Krispy creme donuts or fries and chicken wings I just say to myself I will start next week.

Which is why I believe in fairness and will publish comments whether positive or negative.I work out every day, and out 2 out of the 4 days i did hot yoga for 90mins.The meals really do fill you up when you eat real slow like that.I lost 12 lbs during that time and I was totally amazed cause it was just so easy.I was hesitant, but to be honest I did not have much success on WW with only losing at most 20 lbs.My first shipment was missing a few days, 2 emails and a phone call later, no one seemed to really care.I have read so many diet articles and self-help books, etc., so I certainly understand the concept of dieting.

Anyway, everyone has their way and whatever works for you is great.Anyways, I just want to say thanks for writing an accurate and honest assessment of NS and also thanks to everyone that wrote in and added to the mix.The very first thing I have noticed even before any significant weight loss was the disappearance of acanthosis nigricans.

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But of you have 100 pounds or more to lose, then its quite common to lose that much and more inside the first month of trying with no ill effect.Also, should I cancel prior to the second shipment, I have read many comments that people are continually charged on their credit card.

I was skeptical about trying this diet but I need to lose weight so bad.You may have heard of Nutrisystem discount codes and coupons that were available online to get special deals on the various diet plans.The best part is that after the first two months I lost 16 lbs.I still have ways to go, but when you get positive reinforcement from the scale it helps a lot.The best part is I never gained the weight back after, probably because I started eating healthier food everyday instead of going back to my old diet of really unhealthy stuff.Also, I worry that since a person has to call in order to cancel, there is no paper trail and proof that the request was made.If you need specialist advise, it would be worth your while consulting with a good nutritionist who can tailor a diet specifically for your needs.Nutrisystem sent me a delivery of food that when I first saw it I was really not sure I did the right thing.Over that time I lost 19 pounds which has stayed off ever since and that was 6 months ago.

But I found that solution with Nutrisystem and lost 32 pounds over three months on their diet plan for women.I believe that combining the diet with the exercise is what made it so successful.

I just completed my second month on Nutrisystem for men and hit my target of being 20 pounds lighter.It all depends on how much you are determined to keep the weight off once you finish the program.If you had known that in the beginning, I guess you probably would not have spent your money on this system.I normally just do waist exercizes for around 3 minutes twice a day and walk non-stop around my house for the rest of the 7 minutes three times a day.

So my advice to anyone thinking about Nutrisystem as a diet to lose weight is that you can do it.Some were better than others but I never came across any real bad ones.The NS website says that 1-2 pounds a week is common but there seem to be many losing 10-15 pounds a month.While the packaged meals are complete meals in themselves, they are smaller than many people are used to.My diet before was pretty bad, I have to admit cause I used to eat a load of pasta and bread plus I often ate large slices of pie for dessert.It could be that if you sit down and do some calculations, the NS food for a month even at full price can still work out close to what many people already spend on their regular food.The bonus may be along the lines of getting a free week (or two or even more) of food extra at no additional cost when you order a 28 day food program from Nutrisystem.We are the vast majority and we all deserve our achievements because we worked with the diet with the right attitude.Plus exercise every day and drinking plenty of plain water should see you losing more than the average 1-2 pounds a week.